What We Do

We all need a little love thrown our way sometimes.

Does someone you love need a pick me up? A little reminder that they have people on their side? Maybe they have fallen on rough financial times, but still try to put a smile on their face every day. Maybe there are health issues they or a loved one are enduring. Maybe they are stressed with the everyday demands of life. Or maybe they have always been there for you, and you just want to say thank you.

Well, here’s an opportunity to share the love.

We are reaching out to deliver love. We are calling on you, ourselves, our friends and communities to provide some happiness this upcoming holiday season. We want you to nominate these very special people in your lives to receive a gift from someone who wants to spread some love. Anyone who wants to participate as a volunteer is welcome.

Our goal is simple. People encouraging people through a simple gift, something made with love. How about making a batch of chocolate chip cookies or homemade pumpkin bread? Maybe you have a favorite holiday dessert or hot chocolate mix to share. Anything just to let someone know, “Hey, you’ve got someone in your corner. You’re in my thoughts,” and maybe put a smile on their face.

We can be the good in this world. We can make a difference for someone. YOU can make a difference for someone, even if you’ve never met them. Let’s deliver love.